Quality culture coaching
for high performance organizations

The High Costs of Delayed Projects

Historically, the root cause of most project delays can be traced back to several factors (symptoms) such as:


  • Planning / Cost control errors
  • Engineering errors
  • Procurement / Expediting errors
  • Mechanical / Technical errors/ Fabrication errors


This in-turn leads to rework which is directly related to cost over-runs and failing to meet project completion deadlines.

Cure the errors that will prevent the ailments by integrating a functional real-time quality system

Coaching & Support for Management 
& Leadership

Who's worked






Successful integration of a real-time Quality System must be administered with the direct support of the company's management leaders:

When Quality System administrators receive the required coaching, support and training in the application of their internal Quality System, leaders are in a better position to support the tools of continuous improvement such as Lessons Learnt, RCA and LCA.